We have dedicated over 25 years to restoring beauty and vibrance to thousands of images, each one posing new and special challenges.  What makes Legacy Imaging special is how we face those challenges. In developing new techniques we take the time to create your Perfect Restoration.  Attention to detail sets us apart.  In many imaging businesses you will find pattern duplication, loss of texture, and harsh edges, giving the image an obviously unrealistic look.  We take the time to polish the image until you are thrilled with the result. 
                                        We accept all still media types
                                                  Negatives and slides of all sizes and age, 
                                                  Prints: large and standard, damaged or new,
                                               Glass negatives, tintypes, documents, stereoscopic slides, microfilm printouts

  Physical : scratches, cracks, tears, broken in pieces, warping, mold, chemical burns, water damage, glass stuck to picture, curled and brittle, photographic emulsions that have wrinkled and or pulled away from the base, images stuck together, insects or pests, dust, dirt and oils from finger prints.
Time, Temperature, Humidity  and Improper Developing: creating silvering, staining, and the brittle nature you see  in older  images.
Your image may have one or many types of damage, hence the need to see the image to give an accurate quote for your restoration.
You may do this in three ways:
*Bring the image in for a “one on one” discussions and final quote.
*Send your original in by courier and receive a call or written quote.
*E-mail a high resolution scan and we will discuss the options for your project.
All quotes are created with a dialogue between our customers and staff, we have no flat rates with regards to Restorations.  All options are discussed. As each is unique, the quote reflects the time it will take to create the Restoration. 
All our work is done in house.  Your original photographs never leave the premises or change hands.
The term Graphic Manipulation refers to any modifications made to an existing image. 
Some examples of this:
Colorizing , item removal, open eyes, collages, adding text, changing tonality, background & head swaps facial retouching. The Possibilities are endless. CD / DVD covers, commemorative of  loved ones past, endless fun with high school senior portraits, Invitations, announcements, holiday cards and promotional materials
Have Legacy Imaging realize your creative vision or let us design a stunning image for you.                
We consider the Preservation of your heirlooms to be the one of the most important thing we can do for you.
The only thing worse than having a damaged image is having no image at all.  With every year more and
more pieces of history are lost to time, natural disasters, mishandling, and deaths.  If we do not preserve each
photograph and document it will be lost.
Our Procedure
Step 1.  receiving your archive, assessing, and organizing
Step 2.  cleaning before high resolution scanning
Step 3. dust spotting and minor color correction are included in our standard services
              any restoration needed is also done at this time
Step 4.  two separate images are created from your high resolution scan, 1st a large file suitable for printing and
                 2nd a smaller one useful for sharing over the internet.
Step 5. creating the output you desire,

             Prints, CD’s DVD’s, and thumb drive’s to store your files, and stunning sideshows including all your memories incorporating sound and motion.
With this last step I encourage you to purchase multiple copies of your archive.  There is more than one reason to do this.
Many people keep one copy to enjoy at home, purchase one to place in a safety deposit box in case of a home disaster. and also purchase multiple copies to give as gifts.  This serves two purposes,  to share the archive with all who would enjoy it, and every copy sent to a different house in town and across the globe secures the archive for the future.  The more places it is the better the chances it will survive in case of unforeseen circumstances such as theft or flooding.
The age of one person holding the only photograph taken of an ancestor has passed.
The ability to share with the ease of a CD, DVD, thumb drive or the internet gives everyone the ability to know and love the images that speak to your history.
We treasure each and every image, and give it the deference it deserves.