Growing up I was around sewing everyday, learning from my mother who learned from her grandmother, a furier in the early days of downtown Milwaukee. My mother worked her way from high school on, creating clothing, wedding dresses, curtains - you name it. So when she put a nieedle and thread in my hand for the first time, I was hooked. It didn't look like much (see example to right) but it started a love of creating that had been a cornerstone of my life!  Thanks Mom!

age 3

Special Occasion
Alterations 101
What to Expect

Everyday Wear

No big fuss here,
 ~Make your appointment- you come to me
I come to you!
at your home, at work
where ever
~Bring your clothes- and shoes if nessacery
show me what you want
and off you pop.
~Most regular alterations will be done within 7 days
Making the appointment
~Have the first fitting as early as possible to allow for any eventuality. Brides 2-3 months ahead, other gowns 1-2 months ahead.
Give plenty of time during the appointment to feel how the dress moves with you, discuss what changes and desires you want, about 1 hour on the outside for the first fitting.
~Don't schedule fitting after a strenuous workout, you don't want to have to clean the dress before the event.
~If you have a significant body change coming up, as a pregnancy, weight loss, or surgery communicate it as early as possible. We might need to schedule specific time to do the alteration closer to the date. Best to have that plan in place. Don’t hit your seamstress with it at the last minute.
~No quotes can be given over the phone - every dress needs to be seen to tell what work needs to be done.
The day of the fitting
~Bring - the Dress, a clean body, all you support foundations - the ones you will use on the day, crinoline and shoes.
~Food - Bring only clear beverages and non- sticky, non- oily, dry and non -colored snacks.    such as pretzels
~Avoid smoking, heavy perfume and smelly foods before your appointment
~Bring a couple supporters.  mom, maid of honor, sister,  BFF to help with opinions.
~Find your "Bustle Buddy" - someone to help put you together the day of your event. They will need to be part of the fittings at some point.
~If desired, bring accessories if you have them. veil, jewelry, headpiece, belt
During the actual fitting
~Please speak freely, I am here to make you gorgeous and help you to feel comfortable enough to ask any question and get an honest answer with the utmost respect.
~Don’t move, find your stance and hold unless the person fitting you indicates it is all right to do so.  There will be pins, and the last thing you want is to bleed on your dress. The other reason to find your stance is that the more you move the lines and the height will be uneven. 
~Move around to test the fit once you are given the all-clear, sit, hug, “I’m always up for hugs” and dance to figure out how to move in your dress and shoes.
~Look at every inch for imperfections. You don't want to be surprised by something later.

Add a modern touch to an old tradition for your wedding.

Custom Memory Ribbon
Embroidered with your NEW names in BLUE and wedding date, worn under your skirt and placed in your memory book after the wedding.
 Attach OLD pieces of your mother's, grandmother's, special friend's wedding dress or BORROW a special item to have a little piece of their special day with you.
Head over to our Pintrest page to see all maner of ideas. If you see something you like let us know. We can make it.
View our gallery of Lace to see if there is a piece you would like to use. Some pieces are over 100 yrs old.
Something old and something new in one.
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At times it you might have an idea that you are having trouble envisioning.
We can show you what that might look like digitally.
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Turn a piece of your family history into a memorable piece for your new celebrations.
Revamping mom's wedding dress to make her a 1st Communion dress.
Grandma's wedding dress to make a christening gown.