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  Rebecca Alm began her Photographic career in 1991 with a degree in Photography from Milwaukee Area Technical College ranked third in the nation in photographic education and techniques.  Through the years, attending annual seminars, reading books, utilizing online educational tools and independent research, she has kept up with the newest trends and techniques to fulfill her client’s desires. Preservation techniques became
just as important to know as she was often asked to preserve the old photographs.
   Restoration photography became her passion early on when a friend discovered the only remaining photograph of her 8 children was badly damaged, found as a crumpled up piece of garbage in her attic.
  The process of restoration involved training with both traditional and
digital techniques.  The joy on her friend's face upon receiving the
restored photograph is an emotion she hopes to recreate for each of
her clients.
Rebecca joined the “Carroll Studios of Photography” Staff and became the Manager of their Digital Department and Senior Digital Artist, also developing an appreciation for fine Portrait Photography.   
 With nine years of technical experience under her belt and a creative vision, Rebecca founded Legacy Imaging LLC in 2000.  Since  then Legacy Imaging has provided customized service to the likes of Northwestern Community Hospital, the Tootsie Roll Corporation, Homedics Healthcare, Hanson Dodge & Sutter Advertising Firm, the Shamrock Club and countless private and professionals citizens.

Published Works

Published -  His Journy Through History - by Rebecca Mayer Alm
Featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Italian Grocery Revisited
Published - Novel - A Matter of Happenstance all images and charts
Website Photography - Lake County Repair
  Living in a creative family it couldn't help but rub off.  By the time I was 14, I had done most of the projects found in the arts stores, always keeping my hands busy painting figurines, making doll clothes and friendship braclets, just to name a few.  I spent 14 years in the Girl Scouts and tried my hand at everything I could get my hands on. Gaining the confidence that that organisation tried to impart in the girls. Later, when I assembled my patch jacket, I was awed by the amount of things I had done by the time I was 18.
I have never stoped finding new things to try.  Photography, airbrushing, and graphic design came to me in college, but working in Sax Arts and Crafts exposed me to a lot more.
  Needless to say, being creative has always been a large part of my makeup. When I began helping my clients through Legacy Imaging I couldn't get over the feeling it gave me. There is a whole world of wonderfull people out there who need someone to help them. Sewing had been something I grew up with and as an adult I was shocked to find that I had run into very few people who could do more than sew on a button. Offering this skill was a great next step.  So Alterations by Rebecca was born.  Now I help bridal parties, professionals and moms, all look thier best and create unique pieces for them to cherish.
 Years ago now, like many good aunties do,  I had promiced to make my nephew's birthday cake, and since I do nothing half way, I put my talents to working with a new medium, fondant. I loved it! So I  added fun cake and designer cookie making to my repertoire.  There is always something new around the bend and I will be taking my detailed eye and talented fingers and trying my hand at it. 
Who knows maybe I will try egg carving next? 

Each project brought to us is unique and deserves special individual attention.

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